One is frequently asked what makes a school different from others. NBMV, I do believe has established itself as a leading school in Pokhara because of experienced and hardworking staffs who believe strive in success. This is only CBSE affiliated school in Western Region of Nepal. We would like to thank to the CBSE for providing us instrumental guidelines to provide quality education and overall evaluation of every child we have.
Mritunjay Singh


Directories and Search Sites

kids directories and search sites that are good for kid and parenting site listings.

American Library Association-Great Websites for Kids
The ALA has a comprehensive list of kid sites that have been reviewed in order to be added.
Common Sense Media Website Reviews
A Non-profit started by a father/lawyer who want to ensure a way for parents to know what sites are appropriate for kids, depending on their age, etc...
Kids Net Australia
Great directory site of Kids websites. Includes a Dictonary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia area.
Kids Yahoo Search
This is the kids area of Yahoo.
A great site that lists safe, kid appropriate websites that were added by librarians.
This site has a nice list of sites that are specifically for preschoolers.
This site has a good list of kid appropriate sites.
Space Kids
Directory of websites for kids about Space.

Internet Safety
This site is put together by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Boys & Girls Clubs of America and it has invaluable information for parents about keeping your kids safe online and off. I would highly recommend visiting and bookmarking this website.

Educational and Learning Sites

Science and Nature Activities and Experiments for Preschoolers - tons of great ideas to get your young children interested in science and nature. Learning can be fun!

American Museum of Natural History kids site
Education and games about Science and Natural History.
  B for Ball
Bforball is a fun learning website that providers online children activities for parents and teachers to teach the preschool kids in a fun and an easy way. There are various activity pages for young children of age groups between four and six.
Brain Pop
Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies and English movies, comic strips, activity pages and school homework help for kids.
  Discover Water The Role of Water in Our Lives is a fun online experience where kids can learn about water and water-related topics through games, activities, printables and more!
Online educational games for kids of all ages.
Hearth Song
This site is a great place to find unique and interesting kids toys and activities- that are perfect for birthdays and the Holidays. Price range is mid to high prices.
Kid Info- Directory of Homework and Parent/Teacher Resource Sites
If you are looking for a list of websites for your child or for educational resources for you (a parent) or teacher-check out this top lists of websites for kids and parents.
Lil' Fingers Storybook
Lil' Fingers Storybooks -- Animated Storybooks for toddlers. Animated stories contain large text and big buttons for little fingers!
Little Lilly Polka Dot
This animated site is based on the book LITTLE LILLY's POLKA DOT WORLD. The site is geared towards ages 3-6. The site has animation, learning tools, games, and activities.
  Mr. Nussbaum is a well established site that boasts a wealth of information, games and tools for students, parents and teachers.


Art Projects for Kids
Wonderful site to find fun art projects that kids can do easily. Created and maintained by a Kids Art teacher.
National Gallery of Art- kids area
Fun art games and activities to engage your child with art.
PBS Kids- Parents Area- Creativity Exercises
Neat things to do online to help kids be more creative.


Kids Web Japan
Explore Japan on a kids level and find interesting things to do, see and learn about.


Environmental Kids Club
All areas about Environment for kids to learn about and play games. Teacher area.

Foreign Language
A wonderful site for kids learning foreign languages with basic words for Shapes, Colors, Alphabet etc.

General Learning

Fun educational learning games and activities for preschool kids.
Alphabet Action
Learning Planet's section for learning the Alphabet. Great preschool online resource.
This is a great overall site filled with Educational activities, worksheets and articles on Education.
Sesame Street
Young children can learn about letters, counting, thinking, science, music, art, culture and getting along with others.


Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Fun and educational site for kids to learn about history and the U.S.


Math Playground
Action packed math site for elementary and middle school students featuring math games, math word problems, math worksheets, logic puzzles, and math videos.
PBS Kids Early Math Games
Great information and fun resources to help your child build his/her early math skills at PBS Kids parents section.


US Mint kids section
Games and informative videos about the US Mint and money in the United States.


NY Philharmonic Kids
a wonderful and fun Kids site all about Music. Composing, instruments, games and more.
Play Music
Provides information about musical instruments, composers, and musicians. With Shockwave plug-in, visitors can also play interactive musical games.
San Francisco Synphony Kids Site
Fun and educational kids site all about Music!

Nature and Animals

Animal Planet
Games and interactive features for kids at Animal Planet.
Dino Dictionary
Profiles of over 300 known Dinosaurs, fun games.
Kids Go Wild- Wildlife Conservation Society
Check out this site to learn more about lots of animals. Fun facts, information and things to do. Great site for kids.
Kids Planet
Facts, games, a teacher's section,information on saving endangered species. Fact sheets on over 50 species of Animals.
National Geographic Kids site
Great site for kids with games and information about animals and nature at National Geographic Kids.
National Wildlife Federation
Fun facts and games about wildlife and their environment on a kids level. Home of Ranger Rick.


Free Children Stories
A wonderful site of free stories for children by Daniel Errico. Some flash, flip the page stories and fun rhyming stories.
Giggle Poetry
Children's poetry by Meadowbrook Press. Lots of funny poems, poetry contests and more! Ideas for educators on teaching poetry in fun and interesting ways.
International Childrens Digital Library
Wealth of online stories for children in many different languages.
Kid Soup
Preschool and Kindergarten online Resource.
Educational site for kids to learn letters, words and signing.
PBS Kids Reading Language Section
Great information and fun activities for kids learning letters, sounds, and to read.
Reading Rockets
A wonderful site devoted to Teaching kids to Read and helping those struggling to Read.
A free website to teach children to read. Perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Contains exciting interactive books and phonics games.
Spanish & English versions. Listen to interactive children's stories, play with on-line activities, print out take-home activities.
Tumble Books
This is a fun site for kids, parents and teachers to utilize for Reading. Hundreds of animated books for Kids with audio.
Word Girl
PBS site that encourages kids to learn words and get them ready for reading.
Ziggity Zoom
Online beginner stories for children to be read with, or without, audio. Original stories and illustrations by Sharon Pierce McCullough.


Outstanding Science site for kids, parents and teachers.
Science Activities and Experiments for kids. I especially liked making nature and dinosaur fossils with my kids. The recipe is very easy and found at click for fossil directions
Inner body- Human Anatomy Online
Do you have a child that wants to be a doctor- check out the different systems of the body- skeletal, digestive, nervous and more. A site geared at kids over 7 or 8- lots of big words and drawing of each body system.
Kids Astronomy
Powerful and fun resource for kids, exploring astronomy and other space related topics. Play games, learn through interactive applications, and much more.
Kids Discover
Natural and Social Science magazine for kids 7-12.
American Museum of Natural History site for kids. Learn a lot about astronomy, paleontology, and the definitions of other "ologies" on this site.
Science experiments and activities for kids at PBS Kids.
Science Explorer- Home or School Experiments for Kids
Make science experiments with household items- find out how to make a volcano, sun clock, balloon blow up, chopper, and tons more.
Science and nature activities and experiments for preschoolers. Tons of great ideas to get your children interested in science and nature. Learning can be fun!
The Magic School Bus
Fun facts, games and science information for kids and teachers.
Weather Channel Kids' Site
Information and games about the weather.

Cooking for Kids

Cupcake Kid Cafe
A fun site all about Cooking, run by 7 year old Rachel who features fun recipes, videos and cooking games for Kids.

French Sites for Kids

Le Petit Velo Rouge
A fun French site for kids with Coloring, Games and more.

Fun and Entertainment

Kids 7 and up

American Girl
A real online fun place for girls. Create e-cards, do fun activities, post your photo and play games.
Fun activities, crafts and other online fun all revolving around Barbie.
Virtual playworld
Disney Princesses
Games and videos for all little princess lovers. Official Disney Princess site.
Fox Kids
A site with shows for kids and games based on the shows.
This site is about the Science of Having Fun- it is educational and fun- it has a few games, jokes, brain busters and more.
Go Girls Only
A fun site sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America. Fun and games for girls.
Kerpoof- Draw, Make a Picture, Write a Story or Make a Card
A site for kids 4 or 5 and up. They can make a card, picture, draw or create a story. This site was recently purchased by Disney.
Kid Videos- by kids, for kids
This is a monitored site that allows kids to create and post videos and watch other videos by kids. Each video is reviewed to ensure it is appropriate to kids.
Kids' Candian Broadcasting Site
This Site has lots of games and activities based on tv shows that run on this Canadian Broadcasting station.
Fun kids site with games, comics and movies.
Little Director- kids can animate their drawings
Neat site where kids can make movies and shae with friends. Sign-up may be required.
NASA Kids Club
Fun and games for kids 7 and up.
PBS Kids-News Flash Five Kids News
This site is designed to give kids (7 and up) a place to go and learn about what is happening around the world in the news with the appropriate amount of content for kids and the broadcasters are virtual kids (animated). It is a neat site to go to with your older kids.
Variety of online games and 3D catalogue.
Poptropica, a virtual world for kids to travel, play games, compete in head-to-head competition, and communicate safely. Kids can also read books, comics and more.
Primary Games
Fun site for teachers, parents, and kids featuring free educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books.
A site by Random House that has games and printables from the Dr. Seuss books.
Seussville Games. Here are lots of games for you to play. To keep you entertained all day!
Up To Ten
Educational and Fun games and activities for children aged up to ten years old.
Virtual playworld for kids. In order to play you have to have purchased a webkinz stuffed animal. Although many kids younger than 7 may go to this site, I believe it is most appropriate for kids older than 6 and that can read the information.
Woogi World
Online virtual world for young children.


Boowa & Kwala
Wonderful and fun Kids site. Children's music plus great illustrated stories. A preschool activity center with over 800 games for kids aged up to six. English or French.
Coloring pages and fun activities related to Candyland.
A fun site for preschoolers with lots of different types of online activities.
A fun and games site for the younger set. In French or English. Based on a favorite tv character, Gofrette.
Jump Start
JumpStart is a series of educational games produced by Knowledge Adventure. The series is distributed as Jump Ahead in the United Kingdom.
Kid Soup
Preschool and Kindergarten online Resource. membership subscription.
My Little Pony
This is a cute site geared to little girls who love My Little Pony. Features games and activities for preschool kids.
Painting games
Coloring online and Coloring pages.
A Sesame Workshop site for fun and education for young children.
Peep & thr Big Wide World
Play science games and activities with Peep.
Poisson Rouge
Online activities for Preschool children.
Fun learning with educational games, videos & activities for kids.
  Sesame Street
Educational site featuring Sesame Street characters in videos and games to play.
A fun site for Reading with lots of books to choose from, read by celebrities.
The Color
All coloring website for kids with original graphics to color. Lots of themes.
The Mouse Club
Free games, activities, stories and puzzles for Kids 4 - 10.
Thomas & Friends
This site offers a number of favorite characters for children to interact with through games and fun activities. The star, of course, is Thomas the Train.
  TJ & Pals | Where Learning is fun
An interactive, safe play, creative oasis with totally original content. Where kids can play, learn and grow at their own pace, and that parents trust. Membership required.
Online toddler games, kids games, puzzles, drawing, colouring, music with sound recorder.
  Ziggity Zoom
Fun preschool games for kids. Educational games that combine fun with concepts of color, language and numbers.

Health and Nutrition

Healthy Children, Healthy Choices information from the CDC
Information for parents about healthy eating for your family provided by the Centers of Disease Control's government site.
Good site for kids health information.

Health and Medical

  Allergy Warning Labels
AllergyWarningLabels provides proactive solutions for families of food allergy sufferers as well as businesses serving patrons who may have a food allergy.
Ask Dr. Sears- kids health topics
Good resource with articles on many kids' health topics by the well-known family of pediatricians and published authors.
Dr Greene- Pediatrician- website about kids' health topics
Good resource about kids health topics by a Pediatrician.


Food Facts- Find out What Ingredients are in your Food is a site that gives you nutritional information for hundreds of food products and food items at restaurants. Use this site to find out what you are really eating.
Healthy Children, Healthy Choices
Portion Distortion-slideshow
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute-Obesity Education Initiative offers a informative slide show about portion sizes and eating right.


Mommie 911
A site just for moms that offers parenting information, health and nutritional information for their children and great product reviews.


Curious Baby
A site devoted to new moms, pregnant moms and everything about Baby. Recipes, Health, Shopping, Product Reviews.
Site for parents about top topics facing new parents about baby.

Going Green

Growing Up Green
Discovering modern Eco options for Kids.

Mom Blogs
Homemade Mamma
Fun Family site in Italian and English. Crafts, food and fun projects.
Leap into Art
A fun family site about art, food and fun.

Parenting Magazines Online

Cookie Magazine
A family magazine for parents with style.
Daily expert advice for parents.
From birth to school age, a great resource for parents with articles on health, nutrition and parenting styles.
A magazine devoted to all aspects of parenting.
An online parenting magazine for parents on the go.
Todays Parent
A good parent resource magazine for kids. In print and online.


Allergy education site and Allergy awareness products.
  Children Donate2
This site teaches kids about charities and how to help others in need... and animals in need. Internet and cell phone safety,fun kids sites, lists of sites to help dogs,cats,turtles and other animals.
Consumer Products Safety Commission
Parents this site has product safety and recall information at the Consumer Products Safety Commission website. For the toy safety page click here .
Kids be Safe Online Site
This site is run by a mom/grand mom who has devoted her time to informing parents about being safe online and keeping your kids safe. It is a good resources for parents to use and read up on website safety.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Good site for parents with information about car safety and car seat safety guidelines at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Smokey Bear Kids
Games, Facts and Fun surrounding the idea of Fire Safety.


Stubby Pencil Studio
Eco products for Creative kids. All types of art supplies for kids plus more.

Baby Gifts and Products

Kate Quinn Organics
This site offers organic kids, toddler, mom's clothing and bedding and bath items.
A site with neat and trendy Baby gifts and products.

Children's Clothing & Accessories

Baby Petunia
Kids, Clothing, Bedding and Decor for ages from newborn to 12 years.
Kid Bean
Earth-friendly, labor-friendly vegan products for your kids and the entire family. Cotton organic Pajamas.
  Kids Wear
Fun kids tee shirts for all ages and sizes. Cool kids T shirts for all occasions. Boys Tee Shirts, Girls Tee Shirts, Tuxedo Tee Shirts.
Trendy Togs
Trendy clothes for kids from exciting clothing designers just for kids.

Children's Room Decor & Furniture

Land of Nod
Shop the Land of Nod for high quality kids furniture; including kids bedroom furniture, playroom furniture, kids bedding and everything for your nursery.

Kids 7 and up

  Model Rockets
321Rockets offer a large selection of Estes model rockets, beginner kits, and rocket engines. Buy in bulk to save money for your youth group or function. Let us be your one stop rocket shop.


  Summer Kid's Gear
Summer Kid's Gear offers a great selection of award-winning games, music, and cookbooks all geared towards good, kid fun! They also carry Baby Banz sunglasses, hats and ear protection, ergo-Cocoon swaddles, kids' backpacks and drinking bottles, and great personalized pottery sets for babies.

Toys and Games

European and American made children's toys.
Wonderful creative childrens toys, many from European companies. Toy Shopping
Shop for a wide selection of toys for babies & kids from top online stores. Find scooters, learning toys, games & much more for low prices.